We are proud to announce a great partnership with the Medilaw Firm

In an effort to develop a stronger relationship with the community, Plenti Office Services has partnered with another great company based in South Florida.
Rodrigo Diaz, owner and managing director of Plenti Office Services sat with Chase Howard from The Medilaw firm to create a unique partnership that would benefit all clients of his firm.
The Medilaw Firm practices healthcare law for the healthcare professional. They provide guidance and assistance with the many unique federal laws, guidelines, and regulations specifically applying to the healthcare profession that they must adhere. They can work with you to develop contracts, employee handbooks, employee termination policies and procedures, and other policies consistent with state and federal regulations.
Because of this great partnership, Plenti Office Services will provide janitorial services at a discounted rate to all present and future clients of The Medilaw Firm. Plenti Office Services can provide an extremely flexible scheduling program to provide high standard cleaning services.
We can work once a week, three times a week or everyday with medical professionals who are looking to start their own practice.
Contact Rodrigo Diaz to become a business partner!


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